Testimony from a grateful patient:

July 01,2016

Dr. T,

The treatment with Pro-Sport II is the only thing that brings relief to my body, especially my knees/back where I have chronic pain.  Due to Ehler Danlos disease, I have frequent issues with soreness and discomfort in my tissues/muscles, even with normal daily activity.  The Ehlers Danlos prevents proper healing and leads to extreme muscle pain and weakness.  It also causes increased muscle stress when I work out at the gym.  I work out regularly with a trainer to optimize my health and deal with osteoporosis as best as possible in my back and hips.

Over the last few years I tried everything to manage my pain and nothing was effective - from pain killers, NSAIDs, Epsom salts, specialty creams, meditation techniques, Light Stim, physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage, special diets, heat/ice, ergonomic desk at work, etc.  The Pro Sport treatments were life changing for me!  They allowed me to feel not only relief from pain, but also to increase my exercise and my ability to function at my desk job at Microsoft.  In addition, I am now able to travel again via air which I was not able to do previously.  The Pro Sport assisted my body in healing problems I've had since childhood with my joints/back.

In addition, when I had a series of tissue tears/pulls due to physical activities, the Pro Sport was the key to healing those areas so I could resume my normal activities.  Healing my back injury has taken almost 2 years, I know that without the Pro Sport treatments the healing process would have taken even longer.

Thank you!



May 04, 2016

Dr. Turcotte and her naturopathic medicine practice has quite literally saved my life. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, renal failure and a low ejection fraction (35%).  After one visit to a standard cardiologist, I knew the standard medical model was not for me.  It was "one size fits all" medicine where they recommended the same things that were not working.  I was not getting better. I had 4 months of feeling the worst I've ever felt.  Every day I was ready to let go of life.

I found Dr. Turcotte on the web and I believe I was led there.  Her level of caring and unbelievable diagnostic skills led to my amazing recovery.  She pointed me to the right tests, the right supplements and the right allopathic physicians to work with. The combination of all these things, led by her as my Primary Care Physician, has turned it all around.  Six months later, I'm returning to work.  I have a handle on my life and a reason to keep living.  I don't believe you can ask for more than that.




September 21, 2015

 Dear Dr. Turcotte,

I am convinced that the turn around in my health as well as with my children could not have occurred without the targeted and individualized focus that Dr. T brings to her practice.

Dr. Turcotte has been able to in a couple of visits assess my wellness, by evaluating my nutrition/lifestyle status and by requesting pertinent labs and has been able to provide supports that have gifted me new found health and wellness.  Her level of knowledge, wisdom and integrative style using genome based understanding has gifted me clarity as to my present health status as well as the tools to live healthier with greater resiliency.  She is a real motivator and spokesperson for living well.



Dr. Turcotte is by far the most amazing Doctor I have ever met.  I have been her patient for 7 months.  She does so much research and spends an incredible amount of time on every aspect of my health!

I now understand WHY I have health problems.  It is only through her extensive care that I am now starting to heal.  She takes it back to your DNA.  Not everyone is the same so you MUST have the cutting edge testing that she has available to figure out what is best for YOU.

This type of medicine is very different from any mainstream medicine.  It gets right into the heart of the matter.  Yes its time consuming and takes a lot of commitment.  For me, it is worth every hour and every dollar I have put into it.

When you are ill, nothing is more important than finding an answer and a way to get better without taking horrible drugs with side effects that can ruin your whole system.

Lori B, Redmond    3/19/2014


Dr. Turcotte has helped me optimize my health and has solved health crises that I have had since childhood.  She is a specialist who works on restoring balance to the whole person.  I measure the progress I've made over the last few years by my commitment with her guidance in improving my life-long health. 

She doesn't use a typical western approach with "quick fixes" and treating whatever symptoms are most prominent at the time.  She is focused on the root cause/underlying issues and total body healing.

She is the doctor who guides you and supports your health, but you also have to be committed and willing to put the time in to addressing all issues; from the basics of good eating & exercising to genetic predispositions, after all, this is the only life you get!  My focus is living my life in the most active, optimized way possible and Dr. Turcotte has been amazing in that journey. 

Like my grandmother used to say, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything."                                                    

Lynne C, Bellevue  3/16/2014


If you have a health condition that you want to heal completely and understand the root cause for your medical condition, call Connected Wellness Center.  Dr. Turcotte provides personalized attention and explains your symptoms, medical condition and solution in terms of your body chemistry. She recognizes and treats your body as the unique vessel that it is so there are no homogenous solutions to the treatment plan she offers to you as it is customized to meet your body's chemistry and your health concerns.

This isn't for the faint of heart.  You don't simply pop a pill and feel better.  There are various remedies and treatments that you take but at the end of it, your body is healed, you look and feel better.  An average session, due in large part to the bio-chemistry explanations Dr. Turcotte provides, may last up to 3 hours.  I highly recommend Connected Wellness Center.

The price for your optimal health?  Priceless.  I've found Connected Wellness to be reasonably priced especially in relation to other supplements I've used from Whole Foods, Super Supplements and other Naturopaths.

Also, if cost is a concern, the staff will call your insurance company to help you understand your benefits.

Loretta G, Kenmore  3/14/2014


Dr. Turcotte has been a God send!  If you want a doctor who will spend the time to really find out what is going on with you then you have found the right doctor.

Here is a list of some of the issues she has helped me with:

  • 60 lb weight loss-hCG diet as well as low glycemic lifestyle plan
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Depression symptoms
  • Stomach issues
  • Aches and pains have gone away  

If you have been as frustrated as I with standard medicine, subscribing a pill instead of finding out the cause and healing it, then please consider an alternative approach to medicine, that prescribed by Dr. Turcotte!

WN Woodinville


Dr. Turcotte changed my life by supporting me in optimizing my health.  Her ability to identify root causes of healing crisis is remarkable.  No one does what she does and she is not like any other Naturopaths!

She refused to settle for anything less than "optimal health" and did extensive research to identify solutions for my health conditions.  She not only resolved current conditions, but she also found answers to health challenges I've had for 40+ years!  She handled issues previous doctors misdiagnosed.  Dr. Turcotte is diligent in researching the best quality and most effective supplements to help manage costs for her patients.

C  Seattle


I am very impressed with the results that I've seen since being under Dr. Turcotte's care since Feb of 2011. I had been having pain in my joints throughout my body every morning when I would wake up. On my right hand I had tendonitis from my elbow radiating down to my thumb.  I also had a tear in my muscle in my shoulder.  The pain is almost gone from the tendonitis. The shoulder pain is reduced dramatically.  At night before I couldn't sleep on my right side due to the pain in my arm. Also I wasn't sleeping well at all.  Now I sleep soundly and pain free.  I lost 10 pounds from the detox and my joints don't hurt when I wake up.  I am very grateful for Dr. Turcotte's ability to zero in on my problems. I went to several doctors before Dr. Turcotte and got cortizone shots, etc. with minimal results.  I was also on allergy medication with steroids and Dr. Turcotte was able to get me off steroids and now I just use some UNDA drops that are non-invasive to my body.                            

Teri, Burien WA


I started as an obese, professional carreer woman, crazed out of my mind because of imbalance in my hormones, bad thoughts, trapped in the idolatry of work, money, food etc. I had high blood sugar levels affecting my organs and adrenal glands. As my body began to heal through supplements, nutritional education and tools (ProSportII), it was time to address root causes. The day the counseling work began, I had a breakthough. Thank you for staying the course.

I could never capture all the great moments during our time together since there are benefits every day. Your work will bless people around me (my family, relationships, community). we talked about getting better and on with God's work.                                         



Going to Connected Wellness Center and Dr. Turcotte has changed my life! I am a professional and have tried every diet out there. I have worked with personal trainers and low fat diets-didn't work. When I went to Dr. Turcotte she restored balance. I think I knew this at some level but hearing it from a professional really helped.

I heard lots of stories about hCG and weight loss issues ad could not wait to try it. She would not put me on the drug until I was more balanced. Once she got my blood sugar down and my adrenals balanced I went on the diet and lost 6 pounds in one week! I was elated. More than the weight loss I am starting to feel healthy for the first time in years.  I highly recommend going to Dr. T and getting balanced first. You can address all your health issues, lose weight and keep it off.