Health Restoration- Removing obstacles to cure 

Our passion is restoring your health. This involves an interactive doctor and patient relationship, where the doctor is part of your team, and takes the time to listen in order to get to the root of the problem and whenever possible helps you to safely eliminate the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Restoring Your Health Plan
True healing is about identifying underlying causes of disease and treating the cause, rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Connected Wellness Center offers you an individualized medical approach to recovering your health under our Concierge Medical Program. We disperse common medical myths and provide healthy lifestyle consulting and support, enabling you to make healthy choices.

Functional and traditional
lab testing
Your complete medical history is supplemented by appropriate lab testing whenever medically indicated by the individual's signs and symptoms if results will affect clinical treatment and outcome.








Concierge Medical Program
Do you have a health savings account, or are you looking for a medical option not covered by your current insurance plan? Our Concierge Medical Plan will provide a cost-effective solution. We provide both phone consults or office visits with the doctor for your convenience.

Inflammation and pain management
Eliminate pain with the treatment trusted by many professional sports teams. This unique service uses an FDA-approved instrument, the Pro Sport II, to alleviate and eliminate both pain and inflammation, and restore muscle function. We also handle non-pharmaceutical protocols for treatment of plantar faciitis, tendonitis, muscle sprains and strains, arthritis, bursitis, and back pain. We correct underlying causes of pain rather than masking symptoms with drugs.

Medical Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling
Individualize your nutritional plans based on testing results. Learn how to make medicine your food and foor your medicine. Discover important secrets for balancing master hormones that control your weight, m ook,  energy and body composition. Identify marketing and medical myths that do not contribute to your health. Free yourself from habits, exercise styles and lifestyle patterns which may be interfering with restoring your own health. 

hCG Weight Loss Program - Shot-free!
There is hope. The hCG Diet unlocks abnormal fat stores, rebalances the brain's metabolism, and can restore normal hormone balance and blood pressure. hCG shifts abnormal fat into healthy normal fat storage and structural fat and can even prevent recurrent abnormal storage. Studied by doctors in Europe for over 40 years, hCG is safe and effective.

Electronic Acupuncture and Meridian Diagnosis
Needle-free acupuncture! The Meridian Energy Analysis Device (M.E.A.D.) is a non-invasive measurement and analysis of body energy using representative points from both sides of hte 12 acupuncture meridians. It takes less than 10 minutes.The computer analyzes the energy date which the doctor uses in your treatment plan. Your doctor will explain the results and provide a report with charts, graphs and relevant descriptions.

Hormone Rejuvenation
Eliminate the need for toxic hormones and reverse aging with the individualized protocols based on salivary testing. For the first time in history, our new Salivary Tests employing cutting edge twenty-first century technology are combined with the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to optimize your body's healthy functioning. Saliva is considerd to be a better indicator of biologically active hormone levels than blood - more accurately reflecting the body's functional hormone status. The test is simple, non-invasive and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

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